About Profile USA, Inc. and Profile Services, Inc. (PROFILE)

The PROFILE group’s journey began in Philadelphia, PA in 1974. The operation relocated to the State of Florida in 1982. Through the years, we operated with multiple corporations to meet the various needs of our clients with each corporation being specialized in a particular field. Corporations included Profile Services, Inc., Profile Maintenance, Inc., Profile Medical Services, Inc., Profile Technical Services, Inc., Profile USA, Inc., Profile America, Inc. and Profile United, Inc.

In time, some of our operations were sold so that all of our effort could be targeted towards providing contract personnel services and brokering employee leasing. The corporations currently in operation include Profile Services, Inc. and Profile USA, Inc.

Today our concentration remains the same and our ability to provide targeted, creative services are unique in the industry. Our ability to provide contract personnel services are unquestioned and as a leasing broker we deal with many “A” rated operations dedicated to serving you. It’s our goal to connect you with the service that works best for your operation.

Our management team has been with the company from the beginning and is dedicated to providing the best service of any company in this service industry. All of our services are combined in a single invoice as would be outlined in our written proposal and invoiced as you submit payroll. You deal with one company and are able to eliminate dealing with multiple companies. Additionally, we provide you with a single contact so you don’t go through the frustration of having to make various phone calls trying to find the right person to talk to. You avoid dealing with laborious record keeping, insurance audits and tax reporting. One company, one invoice and you have the highest quality service in the industry so you can focus on what's important to you, your business.